GPU Scanalyze on Mac OS X ( ICP ) ICP

Dear all,

This is the first release of GPU Scanalyze. Scanalyze is an application for registering meshes using ICP. The bottleneck of ICP is finding the pairs that are close with each other between the two meshes.
I am using for the time being (and I think will be using) Lawrence Cayton RBC in GPU for finding these pairs.
For the time being it only registers ply files.

Download it in your CUDA enabled Mac and use it either as a hobby or professionally for small to very large datasets. The advice is not to set the sample rate above 3-4 million of points.

Use : Simply type ./scanalyze in a console where you have unzipped the file.

Here is a video of how to register meshes :

GPUScanalyze Video Demo

The above video is just a demo, the above registration needed more culling in order to be registered precisely. Also since Lawrence RBC is extremely fast even on a million point data set sampling, use the maximum in iterations (20).

GPU Scanalyze will continue to evolve to include plugins like surface reconstruction etc and when it is mature it will go into the Apple Mac Store. So far so good. I have fixed memory leaks and bad memory allocations, meaning that you will not be screaming at your screen if Scanalyze throws a memory exception in the middle of a tedious session. Lawrence RBC is memory leak proof, meaning that your GPU memory wont be dried after successive registrations.

I will soon put a 32bit Linux Version of GPUScanalyze. I believe that the Linux version would be more popular since NVIDIA is warmly supporting the Linux platform with all its new devices. May I say here that Apple is still not supporting the GTX 480 or 580 cards. Hope they will in the future.

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