GPU Selection chart

I am doing a series of Articles on Deep learning and I&C/Automation (industrial and building Automation systems). I am looking for an easy selection chart for GPU’s. This must be something that the users with little experience on GPU’s can relate to.
My first proposed application is Flame analysis on Flare-Stacks (article submitted to ISA). Images (Videos) that are now being seen could be 1080p resolution at max at present.
FPS could be 15-60.
Users may also have from 1-3 cameras and run 1-3 convolution/advanced networks to analyze images on the fly.
Another query is what if users do not have such cameras and need to add new cameras (data is streamed to GPU associated card and not from another PC)? Do we need another card/module?
So my chart should be like:

Graphics card for 1 camera: Model MMM
Graphics card for 3 Cameras: Model NNN
3 Cameras 1 Camera
1080P–> 60FPS–> Model XXX Model YYY
1080P–> 30FPS–> Model XX1 Model YY1
1080P–> 15FPS–> Model XX2 Model YY2
720p --> 60FPS–> Model XX3 Model YY3
720p --> 30FPS–> Model XX4 Model YY4
720p --> 15FPS–> Model XX5 Model YY5
360p --> 60FPS–> Model XX6 Model YY6
360p --> 30FPS–> Model XX7 Model YY7
360p --> 15FPS–> Model XX8 Model YY8

Is there any such selection tool already available?

Hello akiyer,

It is not easy to fix any model in general because it depends on customers request and it is differnt each customer.
But we provide some guidances please see below links.
You can find comparision/performance/specification material @ below link. Thanks.