GPU seminar in Roppongi Tokyo tomorrow

I just happened to look at today and noticed an announcement for a two-day CUDA computing seminar held starting tomorrow. It’s cosponsored by NVIDIA and the Japanese Riken science institute. The speaker lineup is fantastic, with keynote by Jen-Hsun Huang (NVIDIA CEO) himself. It’s even free.

A side note.

I am especially intensely interested in this because of a terrible coincidence. The first I heard about the Riken seminar above was this morning when it showed up on I am already scheduled to travel to Roppongi, Tokyo in SIX days. And I am staying three blocks away from the International House where the seminar is held! By sheer coincidence! Yet I didn’t know about the seminar until now so I will miss the chance to attend. If I had known even a week ago, I could have changed my schedule.

I’d very much appreciate a more organized announcement of such conferences and meetings. They could be posted to the current CUDA Announcements and News forum. Currently some programs are posted here to the general forum, like the CIGPU thread, but notice it’s buried 4 pages back and isn’t something you could discover unless you already knew the thread was there.

There is already a CUDA Calendar which is designed for this, but it has not been updated.

Side side note: if you’re in Tokyo next week and want to hook up to swap GPU anecdotes and ideas, send me a private message!

Some slides from the keynote I found online.

Also notice the new Tesla! It now has only one 8-pin connector, unlike previously shown prototypes which had both a 6 and and 8 pin connector.

Sorry to shatter your hopes and dreams, but there is a six pin connector at the top that you can’t see. (just like the C1060)

I think that’s so you can do either 2 6s or one 8 for machines without an eight pin connector.

There is another connector on the top.
As on the Tesla C1060, Tesla C2050 cards could use two 6-pin connectors or one 8-pin connectors