GPU Shader debugging support clarity a real mess

I am trying to decipher :

In there, it says:

[1] Shader debugging is supported on Kepler family GPUs for Direct3D 11 and OpenGL. Direct3D 12 & Vulkan APIs and Maxwell & Pascal family GPUs will be supported in upcoming releases.

Then it has another link :

The title of the page is: “Nsight Visual Studio Edition Supported GPUs (Full List)”

Where is the list that says:

Nsight Visual Studio Edition Shader Debugger Supported GPUs (Full List)?

There is too much guessing on Shader Debugger support and it is too expensive and time consuming to do trial-and-error
with commercially available cards to see which one works with all the uncertainty introduced by [1].

A list of actual commercially available cards for sale on Amazon/Newegg with part numbers that are actually
known to work with the shader debugger is better.

I am trying to find a dual displayport NVIDIA card that uses only a single full-length or half-height PCI-E slot since I do not have space in my computer for a wide 2 slot card with a big cooling fan.

For example:

Now apparently, this is Fermi Architecture.

Where is the roadmap with a timeline of planned Shader Debugger support in “upcoming releases” and the specific GPU’s

I am quite willing to invest in Nvidia products, but the provided support list information is highly suspect on the clarity of its content and a customer’s ability to translate that into the correct outcome.


I’m sorry only Kepler GPU supports shader debugging right now.
I am not sure about the plan or schedule, but I will take a track for your request and let you know if there are some update.


Ok, thanks.