GPU utilization on Geforce cards


is there any way to measure the GPU utilization on a normal Geforce card? On older drivers the nvidia-smi tool displayed the memory and GPU utilization, on current drivers there is only n/a.

With the release of steam on Linux it would be good to have this information back for easy profiling.

Any alternatives? What about the profiling overlay of the windows developer drivers?

Thank you in advance.

What card? On my GTX460 I get FanSpeed, Mem(total/used/free) and Temp, but all the rest on n/a.

GTX 560 TI. With the 310 series driver the output of the memory usage returned.

My question was about advanced profiling tools like those available for Windows developers.

They intentionally broke nvidia-smi on non-Quadro cards since 270.26 ( ) back in July 2011 that is.