GPUDirect for Video-Compatible Capture Card?

Hello everyone,
I wish to transfer captured frames from a experimental setup directly to the GPU memory for processing, so recently I’ve been looking through the Nvidia Quadro digital video pipeline. As I’m unable to get my hands on a Quadro SDI capture card, I’ve been looking for third party options, such as Blackmagicdesign capture cards. My question is, does anyone here have experience working with such third party capture cards in conjunction with GPUDirect? If so, what would you recommend?

Any insight is greatly appreciated.

Almost all 3rd party professional video I/O cards (Blackmagic, AJA, DeltaCast, Bluefish444, etc.) integrate NVIDIA GPU Direct for Video for optimal data transfers between the video I/O device and the GPU. All solutions work equally well. If you like COM, then the Blackmagic SDK has a nice easy to use COM interface. The AJA SDK distributes all the source if you prefer that.


Does GPU Direct for Video call GPU Direct RDMA API to copy data back and forth between the NVIDIA Kepler class PCIe GPU and the 3rd party PCIe card?

If so, what functions in the GPUD4V library utilize GPUDRDMA?

Or is it implemented in some other fashion to accomplish the goad of direct DMA between the 2 cards?

If all GPUD4V DMA is done using the standard kernelland DMA routines for Windows and Linux instead of the NVIDIA specific DMA technologies made available via GPUDRDMA then that would be good to know.



Do you do the gpudirect work on linux?
could you post the sample code here ,

GPU Direct for Video does not utilize the GPU Direct RDMA API. GPU Direct for Video operates in user space to utilize the dual DMA copy engines of the GPU to transfer data to/from the 3rd party video I/O device through a shared pinned system memory buffer.

GPU Direct RDMA operates operates in kernel space to transfer data through the PCIE BAR region. GPU Direct RDMA is only supported on Linux and must be implemented in the kernel driver of the 3rd party video I/O device.

The GPU Direct for Video SDK for both Windows and Linux can be obtained by completing the application here:


Why GPU Direct RDMA is only supported on Linux ?
What is the limitation to transfer data through the PCIE BAR region in Windows kernel driver ?
Is any way to implement it in Win Kernel for an expert of Win kernel ?