GPUDirect Video for VNC


Is it plausible to use GPUDirect for something like VNC?

I was thinking like you had 2 Quadro P4000s and some Chelsio cards. You can essentially use RDMA to sync data between the 2 cards. So can I set up something to send what I’m rendering on the screen to the remote card? So say you had like a hardware software VNC combination.

Most of the direct video use cases I see are for cameras and video processing, so I was wondering if its feasible/ or if anyone had some ideas on where to start.

Hi Andy,

GPUdirect could be used as part of a solution for doing something like VNC between two servers on a network. In this case, the transfer of the GPUdata to the network interface card (NIC) could be accelerated by GPUdirect but you would need to implement the networking protocol and synchronization. If the data is to be compressed, that could be done on the GPU as well using the Codec SDK.