GPU's memory

Could you tell me, please? How much memory is allocated to each of the 96 processors (parallel) on nVidia 8800 GTS (320 MB)?

Thanks in advance.


Different kinds of memory are shared at different levels. There is no type of memory that is exclusive to one processor, although this can be emulated in software.

Thank you. I have an array N*N of int (short), and I need to calculate 96

numbers from this array in parallel. So, what is the maximum of N ?

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Calclulating 96 numbers is difficult, because you’ll want to launch at least several thousand threads. Incredible hyperthreading is the name of the game for GPUs. You’ll have to split up your execution to get a partial answer from each thread, and then get the final answers either on the CPU or in a quick, if inefficient, GPU run.

N can be as large as will fit into the card’s memory.

I know the Programming Guide is difficult to understand even if you’re fluent in english, but you’re gonna have to dedicate a solid week or two translating that thing before you can write good CUDA code.