Gradle build and flavors and build types

Hi, guys. There is problem with “Build type” value in the project properties.
As it generated in nsight_tegra_build.gradle

buildTypes {
        googlerelease {
            debuggable false
            jniDebuggable false
            signingConfig signingConfigs.googlerelease

I think it will be very good if you’ll add another one option “Product flavor”, it will allow to generate correct gradle script. Now I need too much of “if” in nsight_tegra_build_overrides.gradle script to avoid this problem.

Hi, ChronicRat - that’s a nice pick, thank you for the feedback. We have plans to improve the Gradle DSL generator in a next releases.

Please note that Gradle Build Type property could be set only to ‘Debug’ or ‘Release’ string values - you shouldn’t try to define the target BuildFlavorBuildType combo via that property.
Currently, build flavor is not exposed to the project’s properties.