Gradualy increased memory usage when use gstreamer + opencv

Thanks @DaneLLL
If I want to connect USB Coral TPU to nano, and give some frames to that, I have to copied the decoded frames from NVMM buffer to CPU buffer? Is it possible to access data from NVMM buffer to USB TPU?

We don’t have experience of using the device. May see if other users can share suggestion.

For running Deep Learning, we would suggest use DeepStream SDK.

I tested the deepstream sdk, I found that don’t use memory for multi-stream decoder, when copied the decodes frames from NVMM buffer to CPU buffer, that used more memory,I want to know, NVMM buffer is independent of memory of jetson? and CPU buffer is depend of memory?

The following explanation may help. On x86 PC with NVIDIA GPU, the GPU buffer is device memory and CPU buffer is host memory. On Jetson platforms, NVMM buffer is sort of device memory.

NVMM buffer is sort of device memory.

For example, in jetson nano with 4GB dram, the NVMM buffer include the 4GB ram?


Yes, NVMM buffers are allocated on DRAM.