grammar definition of C for CUDA is there one?


I’m wondering if there’s an official grammar description for C for CUDA (for the purposes of code generation, I want a programmatic spec of the language syntax).

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Blake Miller :pirate:

1 more… I also need this…

Any help guys?

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Any help?

Unfortunately, there’s nothing like this AFAIK. Would be nice though.

If we are talking about the device side code, can’t you just use a C++ grammar? On the host side, the only change is the special <<<>>> kernel launch syntax in the runtime API.

For the device specific code, shouldn’t there be something in the Open64 sources?

Thanks for all your time…

Open64 looks like a good idea… Let me go check it… Thanks!

I found this link from an old thread. I hope it is still working fine… and I hope Ican find the grammar out there…