Graph composer hardware compatibility

Good morning, I would like to know the list of hardware compatible with graph composer, from deepstream 6.
I am going to build a machine to work and test this technology but I have doubts.
In the list of compatible hw the following references appear
RTX 2080, RTX3080 , T4 and A100.
Since there are new 30xx series boards my question is if deepstream graph composer supports any hardware with ampere technology or is it limited to the list of the 4 references mentioned in the documentation?

thank you very much for your attention

I’m checking with internal team to give the answer, please stay tuned. Thanks

To your question, Graph Composer supports any RTX-capable GPUs (Turing and later generations).

To be more precise, the requirements for running/developing with Graph Composer is different than those for deploying the graphs/apps that Graph Composer produces. Specifically,

  • Development: x86 + RTX-capable GPUs (Ex: RTX 3080, A40, T4, Quadro A6000, etc.)
  • Deployment: Jetson, x86 + CUDA-capable GPUs (Ex: any GPU above, A100, A30, V100, etc.)

We’ll update the docs for more clarity.

Thank you very much for the answer, it is complete and clarifies the subject.

Is it possible to run Graph Composer on a VM or non NVidia hardware to work with it without direct access to hardware and then deploy later to actual hardware?

I have setup an Ubuntu VM (Win Laptop with Intel chipset) to experiment with Graph Composer while I am travelling and dont have my Jetson Nano with me and it crashes
giving errors such as below (I have forced the Nvidia 470 driver install but the kernel won’t load it due to no GPU present):


Am I correct to assume the it must run on the actual hardware where the Nvidia Driver can actually load?

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