Graph Composer v2.5 on Ubuntu 22.04 starts then stalls then fails

I am trying to run graph_composer-2.5.0_x86_64.deb on Ubuntu 22.04 running on VMWARE ESXi exposing a Tesla T4 GPU.
The GPU is exposed correctly to the Ubuntu VM and can be seen with nvidia-drivers nvidia-driver-525.78.01 installed.
I can start composer from the terminal and the UI comes up initially and then throws the following exception after approx 5 seconds.
This is reproducible via console/RDP/X.
Note. There is no sound card available to the ESXi server.

I appreciate any thoughts, fixes, workarounds or further details required.

Many thanks.

2023-02-16 10:29:56 [115,926ms] [Fatal] [carb.crashreporter-breakpad.plugin] Thread 424635 backtrace follows:

2023-02-16 10:29:56 [116,068ms] [Fatal] [carb.crashreporter-breakpad.plugin] 000:!__sigaction+0x50 (libc_sigaction.c:?)

2023-02-16 10:29:56 [116,203ms] [Fatal] [carb.crashreporter-breakpad.plugin] 001:!pthread_kill+0x12c (./nptl/pthread_kill.c:44)

2023-02-16 10:29:56 [116,332ms] [Fatal] [carb.crashreporter-breakpad.plugin] 002:!raise+0x16 (./signal/…/sysdeps/posix/raise.c:27)

2023-02-16 10:29:56 [116,461ms] [Fatal] [carb.crashreporter-breakpad.plugin] 003:!abort+0xd3 (./stdlib/abort.c:81 (discriminator 21))

2023-02-16 10:29:56 [116,545ms] [Fatal] [carb.crashreporter-breakpad.plugin] 004:!pa_memblock_unref+0x175 (??:?)

2023-02-16 10:29:56 [116,632ms] [Fatal] [carb.crashreporter-breakpad.plugin] 005:!pa_common_command_register_memfd_shmid+0x3a2 (??:?)

2023-02-16 10:29:56 [116,718ms] [Fatal] [carb.crashreporter-breakpad.plugin] 006:!pa_pstream_register_memfd_mempool+0x303 (??:?)

2023-02-16 10:29:56 [116,805ms] [Fatal] [carb.crashreporter-breakpad.plugin] 007:!pa_mainloop_dispatch+0x270 (??:?)

2023-02-16 10:29:57 [116,892ms] [Fatal] [carb.crashreporter-breakpad.plugin] 008:!pa_mainloop_iterate+0x3a (??:?)

2023-02-16 10:29:57 [116,978ms] [Fatal] [carb.crashreporter-breakpad.plugin] 009:!std::mersenne_twister_engine<unsigned long, 32ul, 624ul, 397ul, 31ul, 2567483615ul, 11ul, 4294967295ul, 7ul, 2636928640ul, 15ul, 4022730752ul, 18ul, 1812433253ul>::operator()()+0x107886 (??:?)

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The same as you.