Graph composer X86 computer specifications required

I recently bought a Jetson ORIN and starting to explore things.
I want to install Graph composer to program an AI application. What are the required specifications of the computer system (Ubuntu 20.04)?
It will be used only to create graphs. The graph will be executed in the Orin.
Does the computer require a GPU?
Are there any other hardware requirements to meet the requirements of the graph composer software?
Can I buy a small 64-bit mini PC with Ubuntu 20.04 version and use it for this purpose?
Can I create a bootable partition in an existing 64-bit windows system and use that?

I tried the software on a Windows 10 PC and it didn’t start successfully.

Does the Graph composer software support Windows 11 OS?

Thank you.

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Does this describe the problem you encountered in starting Graph Composer on Windows 10? The Graph Composer window comes up, but is basically blank or missing significant user interface elements?

Graph Composer on Windows 10 Totally Broken with Blank GUI - Intelligent Video Analytics / DeepStream SDK - NVIDIA Developer Forums


You may need registry for the graph development, so Nvidia GPU is MUST.
Details please refer to Introduction — DeepStream 6.1.1 Release documentation

Thank you for the response and your explanation clarifies the reason why the software didn’t work on a Windows 10 PC.

Will it work on an Intel Iris Xe graphics module?

I do not have a PC with NVIDIA GPU and I need to buy a unit. I would like to know the minimum required hardware specifications thereby I can go ahead and buy it confidently. I will be using it with Ubuntu OS.

Also, can I use the same system to use with Graph composer 1.0 (for Nano) and 2.0 (for Orin)?

Once again, thank you, and look forward to seeing your response.
P. Gnanavelu


Operation System?

Compatible Ubuntu OS

Please help me with this as well.

Thank you.

In any Jetson platform, you can only run graph execution but not graph composer. Nano is too weak to run the graph.

For composer or for execution?

For Graph composer.

Thank you.

This is the recommended GPUs : Getting Started — DeepStream 6.1.1 Release documentation (

Thank you.

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