Graphic controllers


I am student doing my master thesis in germany. I am working on graphic controllers. As part of my task I have to know about the imp features of controllers and their cores. Based on these features I have to compare different kinds of controllers. I have collected some features of controllers. But I am confused to select main fetures which are useful for comparision. I also dont know whether they are the correct features or not. Now my qustions are

  1. What are the features of graphic controllers ?
  2. Features of controllers are same as features of cores which are there in controllers ?

I am very much new to this topic. So, please bear me if I ask irrelevant questions and please guide me with some answers.



you will probably find some good info in the paper / article discussed here:

… as well as in the references and such. Also, a Google Scholar search for NVIDIA CUDA will yield some good finds.

Can any one tell me about books which are available in english on Graphic controllers ? If possible help me out with features of graphic controllers. :(

AFAIK the GPU Gems books may help you.

Thank you very much.

Do you have any information about manufacturers of GPU ? I tried to surf. But so far I could know only AMD or ATI, NVIDIA, Fujitsu…

please let me know if you got any other manufacturers of Graphic controllers.

I am attaching word document along with this message. That is the list of features of Graphic controllers. I have collected many. since I am new to this topic I am nt able to conclude main features. Can you ppl list some of the imp features from this list which will be helpful for me in comparing different kinds of controllers.

Features.doc (22 KB)