Graphic issue involving drivers past 472.12

Players in our product ( online mmo ) since 496.13 have experienced black textures on avatars or flickering in game rooms with mirror technology enabled. We have verified with frontline and bug reporting this is not a card heat or user card / side error. Customers meet basic prior and after driver updates requirements. Reproduction is by creating a new room using player tools, adding mirrors and medium content and loading in. Reverting to older card such as 472.12 clears it. We use our own engine thixxxtech 3D and low impact / low requirements

Hello @ErikaN and welcome to the NVIDIA developer forums!

To be able to reproduce the problem and verify a driver issue it would help if you could create and share a very simple application that shows this behavior.

What would also help would be if you could share your company name and the name of the game with us so we can check if it is possible for our developer relations to get in touch with you.


Thank you. I can do even better ;)
We have a ticket that informed me to search here for help.
Ref: Ticket #3452430
And an open Developer Support Submission.
Really trying to cover the bases here!
Contact Name: Erika "mother "

Email: or

Company Namethrixxx gmbh

GAME: Chathouse 3D

TitleSupport assistant / Community Contact

If anyone attempts to contact via Support@thrixxx please inform me so I can grab it quickly. :)

Application in question itself is found here:
CHATHOUSE 3D it is not large and F2P the issue lies in our room editor for users.
If you can help by looking there I can have you provided the editor to use.
Yes… we make adult game :D But they are safe and non malware… or I would not be asking for help LOL

Quick note: I removed the web page link to avoid our Spam and other systems flagging this post and your account. Because I am pretty sure that is against forum policy. No offense.

I’ll check how we can help with this topic.

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Thank you…
LOL… I am used to my company being removed just for being what we are. :D
But yes… I did not think on that one …

We seem to have, at least for now, corrected this issue.
I am disappointed we had no contact or reply to our ( my ) near begging for some assistance as a small company with this matter, in any of our request.
But this is a closed issue I guess.
Thank you for what you were able to provide here.

I am happy to hear you could resolve your problem.

Sadly we don’t have enough people working in support or here in the forums to give daily feedback on the progress of developer requests.

As such it would be very helpful also for others if you could share your solution in case it is something that could be generally applied.

Thank you!

Replied via the email.

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