Graphic issues with Trine Enchanted Edition w/ 343.22 & 346.16

Greetings everyone,

There was a post I made that reflects a graphical bug that is present in Unreal Engine 3 based titles. You can read it here:

After testing Trine Enchanted Edition, i’ve found that this bug is present in this title as well. The steps to reproduce this bug are as follows:

1.) Install either the NVIDIA 343.22 or 346.16 drivers.
2.) In NVIDIA-Settings, force enable Anisotropic Filtering. The higher you set the value, the more pronounced the bug displays itself in-game.

This is the result if enabled to 16x AF:

I assumed this was an issue relegated to UE3 titles only but that isn’t the case. This seems to be an issue elsewhere; perhaps a framework that both engines use that causes this or a bug between NVIDIA drivers and the rendering protocols these two different engines use…I donno.

In any case, this might present itself in other titles now and in the future.

For additional information, this doesn’t occur in Trine 2. Despite both using the same engine, Trine Enchanted Edition displays this bug. Perhaps the engine has been modified slightly for Trine Enchanted Edition…

May I ask why you’re setting AA in the nvidia-settings control panel anyway? those settings should be handled by the game engine IMO. That’s why settings for AA and others are there to manipulate in game. This is just my 2 cents. It’s most likely caused because you set the AA in the nvidia control panel which affects entire system wide but then you launch a game and set a different AA so clearly the 2 are conflicting and causing the bug.

As posted in the other thread, it’s Anisotropic Filtering that causes this…not Anti-Aliasing. :) The principle however might be the same…but this doesn’t happen in most other titles available on Linux (or Windows).

the principle is definitely the same IMO. the global setting is interfering with the game settings. it’s just best to leave AA and AF up to the game itself IMO. I don’t think this is a bug at all, it’s just a matter of setting a variable in more than 1 place which is never a good idea. I can’t really explain why it happens in borderlands 2, borderlands tps, and only “some” other titles but I personally see no advantage to setting global AA and AF when those things are almost always now adjustable per game. if you really want to leave them set, then I suggest you set up an application profile which disables AA and AF for the games it’s affects.

That could be a work-around…but it shouldn’t happen. It is a bug, by definition, and could (and hopefully will) be solved. I have not experienced this in Windows (which is set to AF x16 at all times) or other non-affected titles in Linux.

what’s the advantage of setting AA and AF for your desktop applications? i’m very curious to find out if nvidia says this is in fact a bug in their driver OR it’s actually a game bug.

Well for applications that don’t have AA/AF for once. Other than that you also have compositors that can take advantage of AA/AF for prettier desktop.

We have to use those pflops available in the GPU’s.