Graphic issues with XBMC via Denon reciever


Just checking to see if anyone have advice on my strange HDMI issue.
XBMCBuntu, XBMC 12.3, Nvidia driver 331 (x-swat), DENON X4000 receiver and Sharp 46" TV.

Im getting artifacts/flashes with green/white patterns every few seconds if I connect HTPC(Nvidia)->Denon receiver->TV

but NOT if I connect HTPC(Nvidia)->TV.

This is regardless of audio via HDMI or Audio via optical out.

I have tried a lot of settings with nvidia-settings and X11, also in the receiver. But nothing seems to help. Have switched cables too.



If i put XBMC/X11 in 720p instead it works as it should, but not with 1080p. And this is only if I do it via the receiver. (AppleTV and PS4 is working fine on 1080p). Something seems strange with the HTPC.



Issue identified, seems like my brand new cable is bad… Works better with a really old one actually.

Nope, wrong. No cable issue. Still issue if Nvidia-card outputs 1080p, but no issue with 720p resolution.

/ Daniel