Graphic Library

I have a real-time application which captures video from camera, makes some processing on it and show it.
I need to add text and graphic symbols on the video. Graphic symbols on the level on lines, arcs, progress bars.
Also I need to add some menus to the image. What is the best way to do that without heavy using CPU and GPU for save Real-time behavior of application? I show the video without desktop.

Hi Alex66,
We have tegra_multimedia_api and gstreamer implementation for multimedia cases. Please refer to document and check which framework is good for your usecase.

I was not exact on my question. I use Gstreamer for receive and show video. The question was about the library for draw graphic symbols and menus.

Please check if nvivafilter helps your case:

I have already the video buffer in my memory after image processing. I’m looking recommendation for the library like QT, DirectFB, Nano-X, etc… I haven’t in my system keyboard and mouse.

We are not familiar with these frameworks and other users may share their expertise.