Graphic pointer disappears on KDE Konsole on 4k resolution selection of chharacters not possible

Hi all,

I would like to raise an issue with the NVIDIA driver 375.26 under openSUSE.

Following problem:

I use currently openSUSE 42,2 with latest patches applied. Graphic card is a Geforce 980 and a 4k monitor. Desktop is KDE 5.8 as standard for openSUSE.

Starting the console window Konsole and moving the mouse pointer over that window the mouse arrow turns into an i-beam. This is correct. However as soon as I click into the window the i-beam disappears. This makes it impossible to select any text for cut and paste.

I had this situation with openSUSE 42.1 as well and also with another graphic card Quadro K2200 and with earlier driver version.
Tn case I use a lower resolution the cursor is behaving normally and allow to select the text.

It seems that this bug is related to the screen resolution. It was working also in openSUSE 13.2 with earlier versions of the driver.

Any suggestions?

Thank you very much in advance.


Tried Option “HWCursor” “off” ?

Hi generix,

No I didn’t try this yet. I will check it out,


Hi generix,

Unfortunately HWCurosr off doesn’t help. The graphic cursor still disappears over Konsole window.

Additionally it has huge side effects as the screen flickers and the KDE Tasklist resets all the time (KWIN Window effecs reset") when the mouse is moved.

BR Florian