Graphical artifacting/corruption waking from sleep using GT1030 GDDR5 on multiseat configuration with 440.44, 435.xx

Log and screenshot included.

Any time the 1030 resumes from sleep, this sort of corruption happens. It doesn’t happen with the 1060 at all.
Older driver versions can’t even get a display on wake from sleep. Sleep state is suspend, not hibernate, though i believe I tested that as well to the same result.
Attached display is a Cintiq Pro 16.

The 1030 otherwise behaves as expected afaik.
In Windows, it performs perfectly fine in 7, and doesn’t work correctly in 10 on newer driver versions(“device has caused errors” in device manager) but does on older drivers, which appears to be a known and documented issue.

The corruption persists until X is restarted.(via logout)
When minimizing/moving windows, parts of the corruption can be removed, suggesting that the card/driver is working correctly post-sleep but has trouble when waking.
nvidia-bug-report.log.gz (542 KB)

I have the same problems: both on my former PC with Geforce 210 and legacy driver 304.108 and on my new one with Geforce 710 and driver 450.57. Strange enough, only the desktop icons and their text get corrupted by suspending the system to RAM while window frames and contents stay intact.