Graphical artifacts in Soul Axiom (only on NVIDIA+Linux)


I and a few other users are getting some graphical artifacts in Wales Interactive’s newly-released Soul Axiom.

The developer is unable to reproduce this issue.

Screenshots and a detailed description can be found in the Steam discussion thread:

Here is my bug report log:

this kind of artifact looks a lot like an application bug.
Do older NVIDIA drivers have the issue as well?

Hi, thanks for looking into this.

Any ideas as to possible causes?

If it helps, the title seems to be using the Unity framework.

There are reports from users experiencing this issue with 358.16 and 352.63 drivers, so it does seem so.

If you have a specific version in mind, I’d be glad to test it.

Internally tracking this issue under Bug 200178928

This appears to be an issue with the bloom shader effect. Modifying the shader to bypass it seems to hide the issue. This looks likely to be an application bug, but we do not have proof of that yet.