Graphical regression in Elite Dangerous

I accidentally hijacked a thread previously mentioning this issue: VRAM Allocation Issues - #22 by thesysadminfromhell

Downgrading to 525 is fine, which has to be done in Arch Linux as it does not have separate packages for the different branches for the Nvidia driver. 530.41.03 is currently the version of the driver in the New Feature branch, which often will bug out at times, though I do appreciate being able to easily access the package as it allows us to test and provide feedback.

Edited to add: I must correct myself!

If anyone here is using Arch and wants the latest production branch nvidia, the AUR has the packages up to date in the form of:

  • nvidia-525xx-dkms
  • nvidia-525xx-utils
  • lib32-nvidia-525xx-utils
  • lib32-opencl-nvidia-525xx
  • libxnvctrl-525xx
  • opencl-nvidia-525xx
  • nvidia-525xx-settings

This should just about cover most common use cases. Other files can be found through searching for nvidia in the AUR and grepping for 525xx.