Graphics bug in Nvidia 331 driver

Hi, I’ve been running the following go application on wine for linux. (
(For those unfamiliar with the game:

I have a hybrid graphics system, Nvidia GeForce GTX675M with intel core i7-3610QM cpu.

Recently I upgraded to Ubuntu 14.04 which contains the new prime features, specifically those for changing the power mode in the nvidia-settings program.

The application runs fine, except that the go ‘stones’ do not display correctly when running under the Nvidia (performance) mode. If I am using the Intel(power saving) mode, the stones display fine.

This leads me to believe that there is a bug in the implementation of OpenGL with the Nvidia chip. Here are two examples of the program in question:

MoyoGo with intel:

MoyoGo with Nvidia (Notice that the stones are missing, only shadows remain):