graphics glitches using Tesla and 6800


I just installed a Tesla into the second slot in my A8N-SLI motherboard, in the first slot is a Geforce 6800.

I have all the drivers updated, and the Tesla runs fine, but if I try to play any games on the 6800 I inevitably get some graphics glitches, and eventually a crash and hang.

The glitches are really obvious ones, lit looks like the textures are being swapped around rapidly. If I turn the settings down to the minimum I can play for about 15 minutes before I start seeing the glitches.

The games I tried were World of Warcraft and Tabula Rasa.

I have the most recent drivers I could find, NVIDIADisplayWin2k(169_21)Eng.exe

Does this sound like a problem with the video drivers? Or am I barking up the wrong tree?

If I remove the tesla physically from the machine, the glitches go away. If I disable it in the device manager, the glitches remain.


could it be conflicting IRQs or memory or something?

anyone have a simmilar problem at any time?

Maybe a power issue. What’s your power supply on your A8N-SLI?

I thought that as well. I upgraded from a 500watt power supply to 700 watts, and it didn’t seem to help.