Graphics optimisation technique ideas

I have many things which can make a high end game runs smooth on low end pc

Alike this, they render whole model at once, while we can’t see another side of house in scene, why to render it? Cut half polygons.

Alike that, Make reflections blurred ( low res) when away and increase quality if we get close, Same for shadows

Textures vertical res can be lowered when we see from very far and descrease vertical resolution when viewed from an angle and use compression to increase efficiency

Grass have no shadows, instead of individual shadows, they can put a soft shadow above whole area under grass, that look awesome.

Ya, Anti aliasing, hmm each technique as only 2d pixels, if they take only specific 3d models like we don’t need AA on very small objects about 10 pixels.

Shadows, reduce resolution when far and blur it, increase res when close. Pcss already done but shadow resolution is same even it’s faint

Alike that many…

Sorry for any spelling or technical mistake these are just ideas