Graphics Team ppa driver 430 is missing on ubuntu 16.04.6

i’m using the ppa in the title, and am a gamer, my gpu is a p104-100 on prime with coffee lake igpu. i heard that sticking to the latest drivers improves performance in games, however because of the missing library in driver version 430, steam itself will not open. i can swap drivers with the additional drivers tab, minecraft runs okay on 430, so i know its not a gpu issue.

so two questions

  1. when will the libreary be added to the driver?
    2nd. since i have the different drivers i can select from in the “additional drivers” tab is it possible to copy the file over to 430 to run steam itself? if so how?

The ubuntu graphics driver team is responsible for packaging, so it’s pointless to ask nvidia about it.
Besides, I’ve taken a look at what’s provided by the package and the 32bit compat libs are still provided with the 16.04 430 ppa package. Since 16.04 is still a non-glvnd system, it uses the alternatives system to switch GL implementation. Maybe on your system it’s incompletely switched, see:
The compat libs should be in /usr/lib32/nvidia-430/
In general, 16.04 is a dead end, the Ubuntu graphics drivers team doesn’t release any new drivers for it.
Rather upgrade to a current Ubuntu version to get full glvnd, latest drivers (440) and toys like PRIME render offload.


well, prime has been a thing since 385 at least, and i only need 430 to run grand theft auto a little better, no other game gives me issues, even recent ones. infact, i am using prime right now, since my gpu has no ports.

using a diffrent ubuntu version is impossible. i dislike gnome de, and would be swapping over just for one single game essentually. i amaware of a 3rd party implementation of unity, but its still more gnome than unity, below is the lib32 directory

Screenshot from 2020-05-21 00-29-02

when using 430, for some reason minecraft, which uses opengl, works well below is my lib32 file under 430, so what do i copy into it from 418?

You don’t copy anything from 418 to 430 as the libs aren’t compatible.

Don’t copy the files, it won’t get you anywhere since also the config files for the alternatives system have to be in place. You should rather look into why the packages don’t install the compat libs.
Though I’d strongly recommend to upgrade to 18.04 and then install Unity 7 to get the look-and-feel of 16.04:

So how do i fix the 32 bit opengl? Remember i’m not a developer i just use linux for gaming, so not sure what you even mean about “why the packages don’t install the compat libs” other than the games do not work, yet as you saw there are files in the 2nd screenshot of lib32 with 430.

i can’t even get the nvidia website driver .run installed cause of the “stopX” requirement, or i’d use the ppa. In ory since 16.04 isn’t eol until 2021, 440 .run should of been installable if i could get the web version as 440 cameout before that. Because of the stop X part being something i can’t do that is only reason i use the ppa.

unity 8 is the only one that installs on 18.04 not unity 7 or i’d updated to Heard. The icons are messed up and i heard 18 has even more issues with nvidia. 16 just accepted my gpu no issue minus the missing 32 bit gl. Drivers 418-384 work well.

Please installl the 430 driver
sudo apt-get --reinstall install nvidia-430
and post the output of
ls -l /usr/lib32/nvidia-430

maybe try: sudo apt install libnvidia-gl-430:i386

I’m having a new problem now. made a new thread here. Cannot enable coolbits in nvidia driver, or server driver 440.100 with prime enabled

has anyone fixed coolbits in driver 440? without the oc and composite pipeline in prime, my screen taring is unbarable