Graphing and Visualization

I’m developing a fluid simulation program for CUDA and I’m struggling with getting visual output from the program. I could probably survive without it but it would be nice to produce something simple like an animated image of the pressure or velocity along a slice of the domain. With CUDA’s interoperability with openGL I’m sure there’s some elegant way to do this, but I’ve spent some time with openGL the last couple of days and decided that learning the ins and outs wouldn’t be the most productive way to spend my time.

Anyway, I’m a little lost on all of this and was wondering if anyone knew of any simple way to do this. Are there libraries or graphical packages available for C that might make this relatively painless (and fast). I’ve looked through the fluidsGL example project that comes with CUDA and all of the openGL just spins me in a circle - plus using pixel buffer objects the way the code does would mean I’d have to restructure my code more than I’d like. Any thoughts would be deeply appreciated.


Take a look at pV3 or VisIt.
You can use a server/client approach and visualize the simulation while running.

Thanks for the suggestion. pV3 looks like it might be just the thing.

As a follow up question, though, there’s something that’s been bothering me. Is there any way to bind a CUDA texture as an OpenGL texture. Most of the data I need plotted is in texture form in CUDA and it seems like it should be simple to just paint the texture across a window sized quad and be done with it. Anyone know if there’s an easy way to do this?