Graylog/Elasticsearch on Xavier?

Hi all,

I need to install Graylog on my Xavier for a prototype.
The fact is that Graylog uses Elasticsearch, and I didn’t find a way ton install Elasticsearch on arm64 architecture… Has anyone succeeded in this?

Thanks for your help! :)

Hi julinux06,

It seems there is no Elasticsearch on arm64 architecture, thus can’t get it installation on Jetson platform.

Hi Kayccc,

My intensive research have led me to the same conclusion… I’ll then go for another log collecting software.

Thanks for your answer!

I found instructions to build the ELK stack from source on aarch64. You may adapt them and see if they work for you. They are intended for a Debian 8 container but the same setup can probably be used outside of the container on your Xavier directly (or you could use a Debian 8 container since L4T has docker installed by default)

Thanks for this find!

I won’t be able to run this in a container as I must strip L4T of unnecessary binaries to lighten it up a little. But I’ll look into your site and see if I can sort something out :)