Great Performance improvements on Windows 8.1 with Driver 326.01

I was amazed to observe (by naked eye) substantial performance improvements in my MATLAB Image Processing\Parallel Computing code on my GTX 780M vs. (my workstations) TITAN. So here is a hybrid benchmarking test I performed in order to validate what I saw.
You may find it worthwhile checking:


Thanks for posting that slideshow.
I have seen reports that some GPU applications are slightly slower in Windows 8 versus Windows 7 Ultimate x64. Since I have a very stable fast W7 setup I wonder if it is worth the effort upgrading to Windows 8 given the crappy UI.


I don’t know your character and how you handle beta software so I cannot advise :)
I moved to 8.1. because for me speed is of paramount importance as I am now in the phase when I run my algorithms for hours so even a 20-30% improvement can speed up my experiments by weeks.
8.1 looks pretty stable though I have to admit that I had seen a few BSODs; there were due to drivers from Realtek etc. Now it works as a gem. Alternatively you can wait for NVIDIA to produce same drivers for your system if this is feasible. I guess that the improvement I am experiencing, particularly in my Haswell laptop has to do with both HD4600 Intel Integrated GPU and the NVIDIA.

Finally I would like to say that I updated my presentation with a few results from Matlab 2013b.