Green image and normal image


i tried oneshot sample.
when create request with parameter CAPTURE_INTENT_STILL_CAPTURE, the image is green.
when create request with without parameter, default parameter is CAPTURE_INTENT_PREVIEW, the image is normal.
supposed i should use CAPTURE_INTENT_STILL_CAPTURE for higher quality image with post processing, how do i convert the green image to normal image? thanks.
please advise.

Argus::UniqueObj<Argus::Request> request(
virtual Request* createRequest(const CaptureIntent& intent = CAPTURE_INTENT_PREVIEW,
                               Status* status = NULL) = 0;
DEFINE_UUID(CaptureIntent, CAPTURE_INTENT_MANUAL,         FB3F3663,CC62,11E5,9956,62,56,62,87,07,61);
DEFINE_UUID(CaptureIntent, CAPTURE_INTENT_PREVIEW,        FB3F3664,CC62,11E5,9956,62,56,62,87,07,61);
DEFINE_UUID(CaptureIntent, CAPTURE_INTENT_STILL_CAPTURE,  FB3F3665,CC62,11E5,9956,62,56,62,87,07,61);

Please check if the same result for the argus_camera.
You can switch the capture mode by the GUI and capture a JPEG to check.