Grforce 1650 can not use nsight compute, right?

Hi! I see in the list of support there is no Geforce 1650, only turing 1xxx, which should be geforce 2050 or above. So I am wondering what is the latest version supprt my card? Is there a earlier version support 1650? Thank you!!

Nsight Compute supports all Volta and newer GPUs. This includes all Turing GPUs. Geforce 1650 is a Turing GPU, so it will be supported.

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Thank you!!! One thing is in the website, it says: only Turing TU10XX are supported and 1650 is TU117… The real problem I meet is, I am running a matmul kernel, but compute says: no kernels were profiled!
Then I changed to older version’s compute, 2019 version, and it says: resaon: couldnotopenfile

That seems to be an oversight in the documentation, we will fix this. “no kernels were profiled!” does not indicate that the GPU is unsupported, but rather that no kernels were found in the first place. For unsupported GPUs, there would be a different error message. Please check the following:

  • The profiled process in indeed launching CUDA kernels. You could try tracing it with Nsight Systems to confirm this on the timeline.
  • The root process is launching the kernels, or you are passing --target-processes all to ncu to also track child processes.
  • Child processes are not spawned by calls to system()
  • You are using the latest Nsight Compute versions, 2022.1

That is really helpful to me!!! I even try to give up and your reply save me…Thank you!!!

Hey!! It works!!! Thank you very much!!!

Just some tips for future users using similar device:
I changed to 2022.1.1 version (latest)(very helpful)
Then I meet this bug:

G== No kernels were profiled
==WARNING== Profiling kernels launched by child processes requires the --target-processes all option

I find this blog useful: nsight compute ui and cli can't profiling any cuda application

And then I follow their tips to open NVIDIA panel and You would need to select “Desktop”, “Enable Developer Settings”, “Manage GPU Performance Counters”. I choose : set it for every users

And it works!!!

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