GRID 3.0 boards based on PASCAL Architecture?

Hi developers,

would it be possible to know if there are plans at NVIDIA to bring a GRID board based on the PASCAL Architecture anytime soon ?


I’d be interested in knowing the same but it seems pretty unlikely; the Kepler (K1/K20) cards are still being sold as ‘current’ product and the Maxwell (M6/M10/M60) cards only just got released.

You are correct. This is why I am curious about knowing. I bought 6xGRID K2 boards about 7 months ago and they dont deliever enough performance for my current project. Considering that the Tesla M60 would give me only 40% better performance on average, I am kind of reluctant to purchase them if a GRID 3.0 PASCAL based architecture is already in the works. I know this PASCAL architecture will give me what I need…

So anybody from NVIDIA?

GRID 3.0 is a software release, not a hardware release and we’re currenty at 3.1 ;)

We’ve made no announcements of any Tesla boards enabled for GRID on the Pascal Architecture, so we cannot share any information on a public forum.

If you have specific project needs then I would recommend speaking directly to an Nvidia business manager contacted via your OEM or Partner. They could then arrange NDA discussions where appropriate.