Grid + Adobe AE

Hello all!

There’s a little complexity with CUDA processors work in Adobe AE 2014.
Installed Windows7, and certified drivers 340.52.
The application does not see. Only system 2 video cards, Grid and FX580.
Raytracer file add string (Quadro FX Grid K2/PCIe/SSE2).
What could be the problem?


Hello all!

For example, Adobe Premiere 2015 sees excellent Video Grid card and uses both GPU with CUDA processors.
Adobe After Effects still writes that the GPU is not supported, and only sees 512 MB video memory of 8 GB.


Are you using passthrough or vGPU?

Can you describe the virtualisation environment.

I use this card on an HP Z820 installed with active air cool, Windows 2012 R2 Server.
Server core installed Adobe Premiere and Adobe After Effects.
Adobe Premiere actively uses all processors CUDA and both GPU.
Adobe AE writes that the GPU is not supported.
Contacting Adobe technical support nothing gave.
Installed driver 340.52 on the system.

It was a similar story with 3D card Nvidia GTX 980. Adobe AE & Adobe Pr refused to work with this GPU, but it was half a year ago.

The idea is that if there is a video board CUDA processors, why not tap into these resources via the driver? Or am I wrong?

Question closed.
Too long technical support. The result in the zero.
Returned the video card to the seller.
I find it easier to buy Nvidia GTX 750Ti, and it will come out cheaper and easier in all respects. Once again make sure that expensive solutions from Nvidia too narrowly aimed and not cheap.

Hi Aleksey,

Sorry you didn’t get the resolution, did you raise a support query via the Nvidia support site?

It appears it’s because After Effects has not yet been updated to work with the K2 cards.

Also, be aware that if looking to buy the GTX 750Ti, NVIDIA OptiX technology has not yet been implemented by Adobe in After Effects CC for GPUs that are based on the latest NVIDIA Maxwell architecture. GPUs affected are Quadro K2200, GeForce GTX 750/750Ti and all 900 seies for desktop, GeForce GTX 850M/860M & all 900M for laptop. Please contact Adobe in the After Effects forum for more info.

to Jason_Southern
Thanks for your reply.

I tested Adobe AE and Pr, with the video card the K4000.
And tested all these apps on the Geforce GTX 750Ti.
Both card is supported in the specified applications.
The first card add Adobe to file specified in cuda_supported_card.
Second card just need to write in this file.
750Ti successfully competes with the K4000, while is much cheaper.
In tests, rendering 750Ti even overtakes.
Adobe technical support does not meet even those users who test their applications.

But I still liked the Nvidia card Grid K2.
I still bought it, because its power in other applications is simply astounding.
I hope in the future, Adobe decided to include it in the list of supported video card.
Rendering to x264 on Nvidia Grid K2 comes with crazy speed.