Grid Dimension Z limit is 1 Why is Grid Dimension Z limited to 1? HW? SW? will this change?


Why is the Grid Z Dimension limited to only 1? is this a HW or SW limit? and is it going to change in the future?

Having a higher Z dim in the grid would allow to perform batch kernels more easily (I’m working with a large number of very small images)


It’s a hw limit on pre-Fermi arch. Fermi allows 3d grids.

Thanks! Running to the store to buy one!!! :-)

Before running, make sure Fermi’s z-limit is not ‘2’ or something like that ;-)

Actually, after checking it turns out the hardware supports this, but CUDA doesn’t currently.

You should still run to the store to buy a Fermi, it’s not hard to calculate you own thread indices!