Grid Director 2012--The switch you've logged in is not the master SM Would you like to connect to the master SM switch?

When I use SSH to log on to Director Grid 2012, it will make the following tips:

"The switch you’ve logged in is not the master SM

Would you like to connect to the master SM switch? [yes|no]"

System version of the device is: “5.4.0 version

I check the SM status, the information is as follows:

L:ISR2012-2c6c(config-sm)# sm-info show

subnet manager info is:

smName= ISR2012-2c6c

port guid= 0008f10400402c6f

topology= none

active topology= none

algorithm= balanced-routing

active algorithm= balanced-routing

sm KEY = 0000000000000000

sm priority = 13

actual-sm-priority = 13

sm sweep interval (seconds)= 15

sm verbosity mode = verbose

sm topology verbosity = none

sm mads-pipeline = 16

sm polling-retries = 3

sm activity = 37946

sm state = standby

sm mode = enable

sm LMC = 7

sm hoq = 16

sm slv = 3

sm mopvl = vl0-14

subnet-prefix = 0xfe80000000000000

port-state-change-trap = enable

bad ports mode = enable

pm mode = enable

grouping mode = enable

sm low-lid-boundary = 1

sm high-lid-boundary = 49151

sm m_key seed = 0000000000000000 [0 disable]

sm m_key lease period = 30 [sec]

PS: the device is running, only use the IB cable to connect to the server’s HCA card, how will the state of SM into Master state?

If anyone has any suggestions, bother to send to my email: , thank you!

hi 惠锋 方,

We can assume that the question/issue is answered/resolved?

maybe there is another SM running with a higher priority…

what does the output of “saquery -s” show (please run from a server connceted to the IB network).

this command shows all fabric ports running SM and their priorities