GRID Forums functionality


Is it possible to add the functionality to the GRID Forums to receive e-mails for updates to previous posts? Currently, I maintain a list of active threads. It would be nice to receive an e-mail when they are updated.

Thanks for considering this!


Hi Richard,

I’ve highlighted the request to the forum infrastructure guys. Hope you enjoyed yesterday’s webinar.

Best wishes,

I’ve been requesting this one for several years on the GeForce Forums - at the moment the only option is an RSS feed.

The webinar was very interesting - is there a specific discussion thread anywhere?

I’ve heard from the IT guys - “It’s actually been in use for a short while on the DevTalk forums already, and we do have plans to roll it out to GeForce forums and GRID forums in the near term.” :-D

we directed folks to discuss the webinar on the VMware-VMware user group as both teams agreed to monitor it - but you are free to post a new thread on this forum about the NVidia stuff… but if you want the VMware perspective the joint community group probably best:

Thanks Rachel! I’m glad to hear it’s in-progress.



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