GRID K1 - Windows 10 sizing

Hi mcerveny,

thanks for your input. First of all there is no option to use NVENC on the 512MB profile as it is disabled.
You already mentioned possible reasons. But the numbers you’re referencing (260MB for 1 HD stream) are way to high. We talk about 80-100MB in reality.
In addition we need to understand that the given H264 streams possible in our slides should just give a kind of example. In my slidedecks I prefer the real encoding performance instead of number of streams as this is misleading.
Let’s take the M10 example:
We have 4 encoders with 210fs each so we could deliver 4x7xFullHD@30fps. In theory we could overload the encoder as we get 32 VMs with 1GB profile on a M10. But keep in mind that the reality looks different. M10 use case is office workers and I’ve not seen a single customer running 28 streams FullHD with 30fps simultaniously. Real 3D use case looks different but here we have 36streams on M60 for 16 users which means every user could run 2xFullHD with 30fps.
Here is a more detailed datasheet for encoding/decoding: