Grid K2 passive versus active cooling

Hello everyone. Is it possible to add cooling fans to a passive Grid K2? According to my server vendor, I need active cooling.

Thank you for your time.

Hi Johnny,

might be possible but for sure not supported! Look for the Lenovo K2s to see how the active cooled K2s look like.



Hello Simon. Thank you for replying.

To clarify, you kindly suggested I look at a "Lenovo K2." Does that mean they, Lenovo, added the fans rather than NVIDIA? I assumed buying a K2 with active cooling was an option when purchasing from the latter.

Or go for a passively cooled option, like a P4, if that’s something your server can support.

Hi again, Tobias. Unfortunately, even if I had a big enough budget, which I don’t, the server I’ll be using doesn’t support the P4.

I was just trying to understand whether or not Lenovo added fans to K2 cards purchased directly from them, or if NVIDIA added them, perhaps as an option, when they sold them to Lenovo.