Grid K2 with Xen SErver and Xen DEsktop 7.5 VM with slow window moving performance

Hi ,

im dealing with Xendesktop 7.5 policies and configurations to inmprove graphics performance , to give high end CAtia designers. So i can see, slow performance while dragging an move Windows (sometimes dirty Windows while dragging) … (Windows 7 x64). Nvidia is 240Q, or 220Q, the same behaviour, …i see also high Ctxgfx.exe CPU usage,…12-80%…

Any idea , how to solve this problem? Any specific policy in Xen DEsktop 7?

Hi Oscar,

What type of client are you using to test performance? I.e. PC, Laptop, Thin Client etc.


Hi Oscar,

Can you share some more details about the setup?

e.g. How many vCPU’s per VM, System RAM, GPU profiles selected and the relative performance.

Are you testing a single user or with all users loaded on the GPU, and are you checking the frame rate in VM and then on the client?

What clients are you using as per Ben’s question above?