Grid license

Can’t find what is the difference between these licenses vApps vPC vWS. All what i read it is only promo information, not enough for understanding…


Detailed GRID Licensing information is available here from page 3 onwards

vApps (“A” Profile) = For when you’re deploying just the application through something like Citrix XenApp **

vPC (“B” Profile) = For when you’re deploying a desktop operating system (Horizon / XenDesktop) with something like Windows 10 that ideally needs a GPU **

vWS ("Q" Profile) = For 4K resolutions of 1 or more, applications that require CUDA. This is basically the same driver as the Quadro line so is ISV certified.

** Note: If your applications require CUDA, you must have a vWS license (Q Profile), even if it is just the application being delivered. So you can’t use a “B” profile to deliver a single CUDA application.

As the document states, the licenses are inclusive of lower editions. So a vWS has both the vPC and vApps license included.

Each license edition has limitations in terms of resolution, frame buffer, the amount of monitors supported and obviously functionality, so ensure you understand your resource requirements, and how you plan to deploy it before purchasing.

I hope that makes sense.

Actually, this may be a better document Page 5 gives the official NVIDIA wording on what each license type supports, and further down much more information about what you receive overall.

Thank you for help ! It is what i need

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You might also want to take a look at as well as !