Grid Licensing - How do you "purchase" a license and from whom?

So, we have been using the Nvidia Grid evaluation Software for a while now and it’s working great.

However, in a few weeks the evaluation software will expire.
The big question here is how can we purchase a license?

We know what we need, but we can’t find anyone that we can purchase though.

I know that there must be “enterprise” level partners here, but I haven’t found a way to get a quote from anyone.

Anyone know where I can get a quote from some company that sells these licenses?

Hi Tim,

most of the OEMs are eligable to sell the GRID software and all NPN preferred partners.
You can use the partner locator:
There you should be able to find a NPN partner with ProViz specialization.



Thank you! :)

After searching and searching and searching, I found this and I think it’s actually better…

It’s funny… If you want to make a profit with this software, wouldn’t it be easier to make this information easier to understand and easier to find?

That list isn’t very complete. We bought our licenses directly through Dell, for example.