GRID M10 on Horizon View 7.X w/Google Earth using M10-1B Profile

I am currently testing a Horizon deployment with an M10 card in a Dell R730 running ESXi 6.0 up3, Windows 10 x64 (4 vCPUs, 4GB RAM), using the M10-1B Profile. The storage backend is all flash, EMC Unity 350f. The license server is setup properly, and I have dual displays 1920x1080 on an eVGA Zero Client. Driver version is 385.90. We are using App Volumes 2.13 to publish application to a standard Windows 10 install (1703).

When testing Google Earth, the rendering is very choppy and works almost identically to the software 3D GPU that comes with VMware View. I have switched between DirectX and OpenGL, but the results are the same. I have tried multiple profiles, but they all yield the same results. Is there any tweaks or suggestions for getting optimal 3D performance on these vGPU’s? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


And you’re sure the VM is also licensed? Sounds like you’re in degraded mode with 3fps because you don’t have a license assigned.