GRID SDK Location?

There used to be a page on NVIDIA’s site that allowed people to download the GRID SDK.
I had gotten the January 2014 release, but it would appear that the link to the download no longer exists and there is a newer version?

Is there a new process one must go through to gain access to the GRID SDK or am I just missing something regarding the actual location of the GRID SKD?



Thank you for your interest in the SDK toolset, we are currently reviewing it to determine how we can best support users such as yourself. We will repost here, and on our website, as soon as we have an ETA. I am curious, what tools did you need, what is the use case, we may have other options for you now?

I guess I was referring to the RN-07010-2.2_v01 Grid SDK 2.2 (Monterey SDK) and whether there was an update (I think there is a 2.3 now)
Particularly, the primary focus would be on the FBC API and the H.264 encoding(NvFBCH264) with streaming to a client that has the ability (i.e. NVidia GPU) to decode the H.264 encoded stream and present.

As well, it would appear that there is a required MontereySDK server that one must install?

For the most part I was looking to see if there was any further additions to the samples as well as documentation to better clarify the steps one must go through to replicate the process of a server side rendered client/user session with a client side application that receives said stream and presents.

We have two scenarios that could utilize the NvIFR for specific/non-desktop application server to client "render-streaming" as well as the NvFBC for more of the traditional desktop "render-streaming" paths…documentation and updated samples that might come with any updates.

Are there any public facing examples/sdk’s that you could point me to?

Just noticed both the 2.2 and 2.3SDK are up on the site!
Thank you whoever took care of this!


FYI The Current 2.3.7 GRID SDK is missing files from some of the Samples. The NvFBCCudaSimple, DX9IFR_AsyncH264Encode and DX9IFR_SimpleH264Encode projects cannot load in the vs2010 Monterey solution because they are missing source files and project files. The DX9IFR_AsyncH264Encode and DX9IFR_SimpleH264Encode projects are carryovers from the 2.2 SDK so I can use the 2.2 SDK versions.