GRID Software Licensing is a superset

A question from Twitter today: "a client got a trial, which came with vWSE licenses. We need to test vPC is it possible to get a trial for vPC licenses?"

Answer: The GRID software license is a superset so valid for that edition or lower, and those corresponding vGPU profiles. For example, if I have 100x vWS (virtual WorkStation) edition licenses I can use them as vWS or vPC (virtual PC), but not for vWSE (virtual WorkStation Extended). I assign the desired vGPU profile in the guest settings, e.g. M60-1Q, and on boot it will pull a license from the license server, leaving N-1 for remaining licenses.

Note: In the profile (e.g. noted above or M60-1B) Q = Quadro Driver and so has professional visualization features and performance, B = non Quadro driver

  • Luke

Where do I go to receive a quote on the licensing. using a Dell R730 and the K2 GPU

Ive called Ingram Micro but they seem lost

K2 does not require licenses. It lacks the feature set of the later versions and so is license free.