GRID-Virtual-WS 2.0 vs Quatro-Virtual-DWS 5.0 license types

we recently purchased subscription licenses and in the license server they show as GRID-Virtual-WS 2.0 but a trial I downloaded came in as Quatro-Virtual-DWS 5.0

I’ve had a ticket open with the absolutely useless Enterprise Support portal and the ticket is still in New Status for 2 days so hopefully someone here can answer the question.

And what is your question? If there is any difference? New licenses show Quadro-Virtual-DWS and the old ones show GRID-Virtual-WS 2.0. At the end both types have exactly the same features. So please let me know what you want to know…



that answered the question actually…I was just concerned as we just purchased those licenses last week and they were version2, whereas all the trial licenses were version5…
Was concerned we received the wrong licenses is all.