GridSearchLocalizer localization problem

Occasionally i’m seeing wrong localization pattern at the start as shown below with GridSearchLozalizer predicting wrong position. Localization at startup is blue, waypoint to go is green and arrow with “robot here” indicates actual position of the robot. Red dots readings from the lidar.



Are you using our Isaac SDK?


Yes, but with custom hardware and cheap YDLidar X4.

Moving to ISAAC forum for resolution.

Hey @phquanta,

Can you show us the localization error map produced by GridSearchLocalizer? There should be a 2D message channel called /error (with node and component path before it of course, which depends on your setup). Just visualize that in Sight (it’s published once in the beginning and should stay static from then on).

That error map is a heatmap showing the predicted likelihoods of the localization and should help to find out what the issue is. Can you also post the map configuration, specifically the grid cell size you’re using?