Ground & Return Path


I have a few questions regarding GND & Return Path of the power in the Xavier:

  1. Does the 5VDC and 12VDC returns are connected in a certain way?
  2. Does the circuit’s GND connected to 5VDC and/or 12VDC return path?
  3. Does the circuit GND bonded to card screws?

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Hi, the 5V and 12V on board share same GND net. The pads of screw holes on board are connected to GND net which you can find out in P2822 board file in DLC.

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A few more questions from our EMC engineer:

  1. Does the metal housing of the card is bonded to the PCB’s screws?
  2. Does the 5VRTN and 12VRTN are bonded to the metal housing?
  3. Is there is any guidance/instruction regarding the metal housing of the card, in terms of Electromagnetic Interference (EMI)?
  4. Does the metal housing of the card is a vital part in controlling Electromagnetic Interferences i.e. (EMI)?

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For detail validation/certification info, please refer to below docs: