Grounding Assets

What is the shortcut for grounding Assets inside Nvidia Create…?

Hello @ngakana! I’ve asked the dev team if there is a shortcut for doing this. Thanks for your question! I’ll post back when I have more informaiton!

Hello @ngakana! We don’t have a shortcut for “grounding” an asset. Our tools are a bit more precise, the way I would handle it is by using the Pivot Tool to move the pivot to the bottom of the asset then set the X,Y cords to 0.

After discussing with the team on some other methods that may be used, a fun way
would be to use the Zero Gravity Tool and use the “Drop” function.


Thank you @WendyGram , such a cool feature

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@WendyGram So for gravity I create a static marker on the plane and drop my object. I’m enjoying the new version it’s much faster. Again Thank you

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