GroupSelectorBehavior in differential_base_control.subgraph.json


I see that in differential_base_control.subgraph.json of Isaac Navigation stack, GroupSelectorBehavior for lqr node, control node and stop node is used. The lqr and control nodes are grouped together as “navigate” and “navigate” is the part of the desired behavior, and the stop node will activate later.

I have a scenario, where I am using a sensor, lets call that node QWE. Based upon that sensor readings, I want to issue a “STOP” command (linear and angular velocities to be zero) from the QWE node. So I was thinking to use it in a similar way that of the stop node in differential_base_control.subgraph.json, where the stop node is used in a GroupSelectorBehavior and replace the stop node with QWE node. The only difference is that the “STOP” issued from the QWE node is more like an emergency STOP for the robot. Therefore, please can you suggest a way to incorporate this QWE node? Should the QWE node be in GroupSelectorBehavior or should it not be? Either way, how to do it?

Thank you.